Open House

Today was a day I never would’ve experienced two months ago. My gym had an open house and I went to two of their classes. I went to Zumba at 11 am and Dancing to the Oldies at 2 pm. 

I played outside with Henry in between. I was able to run and chase after him, and just have fun. 

We had my parents over for dinner and my husband and I made dinner.  I stayed in my calories. I did use exercise calories but it’s because I was starving. Currently, I am at 16,500 steps for the day! I am spent. 

But, it was an awesome day. It was beautiful outside.  

Tomorrow is my weigh in. I am hoping for a 1.4 loss to cross over to 20 lbs lost since January 11th. Crossing my fingers! (And also working my butt off. lol) 

Have a good start to the week! 


Beth WA

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