-4.8 lbs total -23.6

Today was a good weigh in. Hooray! I got to my -20, which is what I was aiming for.  

I went to the dancing to the oldies class at my gym at 4:30 with my mom. We always have a fun time at that class. Then we went back to  my mom’s house and her and Henry ate dinner. 

Then we go back to the gym for weigh in and our Monday night meeting. Tonight they were giving away a prize of a 6 month membership to the gym to the person who had the highest percentage body weight loss so far. I was thrilled to tie for second. I honestly don’t need prizes because the way I feel is prize enough. I can feel my relationship with food transform every day. 

We got back to my moms late so they offered to keep Henry over night. So Craig and I had an impromptu date for dinner. We spent 25 minutes, just the two of us, wolfing down dinner and chatting about some stuff we needed to talk about. It was a lovely 30 minutes and now I am home in my pajamas ready for my tea and then bed!  

Here’s a picture of Henry from last week when we went to the funeral. I think it looks like he is breakdancing. 

Beth WA

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