Struggle bus

I am definitely riding the struggle bus this week. I am having a hard time not using my exercise/Fitbit calories which I don’t like to do. In fact, up until these past two weeks, I only allowed myself to do that on Mondays and Saturdays. And that was only on a few Monday’s. 

I think I made a poor recipe choice for lunch. It’s a little bit of food for a lot of calories. It’s somewhat filling, but still, not a lot of food. Also, my mornings have been weird so I never ended up making the quiche I planned. (I am making it tomorrow afternoon.) So my breakfasts haven’t been that satisfying. Anyway, live and learn. Hopefully I can pull it together tomorrow and not use my exercise calories. 

Here’s a picture of Henry trying to lift a rock.  It’s from a few weeks ago when my dad took him to the park. I guess kids don’t know they can’t do something unless they try it! Lol. I could probably learn from Henry on this!  

Only a few more weeks until Spring Break! Woohoo! 

Beth WA

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1 Response to Struggle bus

  1. Angie says:

    We all have down times but we just have to keep trying. Easier said then done. But you look great keep going. By the way you always look great😀
    Love Ya , Angie’s

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