My first gain. 

So, I gained 1.4 this week. And I am really okay with it. 

For four reasons:

1. I know I’ve been staying in my calories, but I know I ate more crap than I have been in previous week’s, this week. 

2.I know I am smaller than I was last week. Today I could completely take my pants off with the belt without undoing either the belt or the pants. 
3. And, not to make excuses, but I really don’t think I lost 4.8 last week. I hardly ate or drank anything the day of weigh in and worked out before weigh in. 

And 4. But, mostly I am okay with it, because that is life. It has ups and downs and you just have to deal!!!

So, I will keep at it and try to make better food choices this week. 

Aside from the weigh in I had a rather blah Monday. I am enjoying my school year tremendously, but am really looking forward to Spring Break.  Sometimes I dream of being a stay at home mom. But, that isn’t a reality for us, and that is okay, too. 

Here’s to a good rest of the week! 


Beth WA

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4 Responses to My first gain. 

  1. Sheila Harrison says:

    I gained this week to, thank you Bridget Therese Ang and Carol total peer pressure I feel the same as you it was fun while it lasted but I have my focus back.

  2. Angie says:

    Love ya have a great week😘

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