-1.6 this week -23.8 total

I have been figuring my total loss wrong because I was starting at .2 lower that I actually was. On a separate note, speaking of 0.2. I am 0.2 down from my weight two weeks ago. So, I lost the 1.4 I gained the previous week plus an addition 0.2. The last three weeks have been tough, and while I haven’t binged or gone over my calories, I know I could be doing better with food choices and pushing myself at workouts. I am going to work this week on those two things to try to get a 1-2 lb loss this week. 

I got some great news on the job front today. Next year I am going to be a full time religion teacher for grades 6-8. I have really loved teaching religion to junior high this year, and I hope to revamp what I did this year and spend some real time preparing some awesome projects and lessons for next year. 

My mom is out of town this week. She went to visit my brother and his family in Houston. My dad is going to watch Henry all day tomorrow, which should be a riot to hear about.  ☺️

Well, I am going to go do something for school then go to bed! 

Beth WA
PS. In case anybody is wondering, portioned out Girl Scout cookies are not as good/fun as eating a whole row. 😏

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1 Response to -1.6 this week -23.8 total

  1. I am super excited for you, friend.
    Teaching Religion full time is the best 🙂

    And congrats of the weight loss!

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