Lord, give me strength! 

Tomorrow I am very excited because my coworker and I are having St. Patrick’s Day parties in religion class for the 6-8 grades. The kids are bringing in treats and we are just going to hang out and enjoy the day. 

However, it will be very hard for me to resist treats. So, I came up with a plan. If I have one treat, that is okay, but then I have to skip my evening treat. And anything else I want I am putting in a freezer bag and taking it home and freezing it so I can have it if I want it at a later date. I’ve done that with my Girl Scout cookies and it’s worked perfectly. 

Also, Henry’s godmother made me this delicious pistachio pudding dessert, that we affectionately call “green shit,” and tomorrow I am individually packaging it in freezer containers. I had one serving tonight and it was delicious. 

Here’s a pic.  


Here’s my sweetheart laying down (for two seconds) and watching Bubble Guppies.  

And, now I am off to sleep! Have a good night everyone. 



Beth WA

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