Struggle Bus

Man, I have had a hard time staying in calories this week. I keep eating things randomly today and I have not done that in ages. But, the old me would’ve just said “eff it” and eaten everything in the house tonight and skipped my weigh in tomorrow. But that is not how I want my mind to work now. Instead I am going to drink lots of water, have my tea with no treat, and try to get the last 1509 steps I need to make my 10,000. I had a lazy day today and at 3:00 I woke up from a nap and only had 3,000 steps! So, I did one of my Leslie Sansone walking tapes to get to 7,000.  And now, I am at around 8,500. 

Anyway, I am not optimistic about weight loss tomorrow on the scale, but I am optimistic about my changing relationship with fitness and food. I am looking forward to a 4 day work week, then my Spring Break starts! Woo hoo! 💃💃💃

I am considering a whole 30 challenge starting after spring break. Had anybody ever done one?

Here’s to a better week! 


Beth WA 

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