Ho hum. 

I am feeling kinda ho hum today. I’ve had a lot of trouble staying asleep all night lately. And then I drag ass all day long. My schedule has been a little off and I haven’t been to all of my regular exercise classes. But I am making it work instead of just giving up. 

Tonight I went to a powerlifting 101 class at my gym. We learned about deadlifts tonight. My group went up to 135 lbs. It is a powerful feeling and I enjoyed it. 

It is rough not having my evening treat but I am getting through. Mostly because I am so exhausted I end up going to bed early. 

I just checked out the forecast.  

I definitely need the vitamin D! Henry loves playing outside so we will have a some fun the rest of the week and this weekend. 

Hope everybody is having a good week and I hope I sleep all night! Lol. 


Beth WA

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