-1 lb this week -27.6 lbs total

Well, it’s a loss, so I will take it. But, in an effort to cross the 30 lb threshold -and to get into new numbers I’ve decided to only have an evening snack 2 days this week instead of every day like I’ve started doing. I want a 2.5 lbs loss this week, and I need to do work to get there. 

I am proud of myself for being binge free since Januart 11th as well as tracking every day since then. I added water tracking and that has helped my water intake immensely. I am very goal and number oriented.

I am really tired tonight. But, that’s Monday for you. I have a really busy week and I hope to fit everything in. 

Have a good week everybody. 
Here’s a picture of Henry doing his favorite thing. Looking out our side window at the cars playing with his cars. Excuse the mess. This is Henry’s world. We are just living in it. 😂
Have a great week,


Beth WA

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