Back on track

Well, this week was not great calorie and exercise wise. I almost always used a big chunk of my exercise calories and yesterday I just ate what I wanted and tracked last night and whoa nelly! We had a fundraiser at school and I had a blast. As well as a lot of Chardonnay. 😬

Today I am meal planning and grocery shopping. I think I am going to do a quiche breakfast. And I am going to look up a recipe for a soup or chili to make for lunch.  And I am going to make a few meats for dinners and buy some simple sides. 

My goals:

Get to gym Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. (Maybe Friday, but I doubt it as I am chaperoning a dance at 6:00) 

Snack only one-two nights after dinner not including Monday. I always save a lot of calories for Monday night. 

Meal plan and prep. 

Get my 10,000 steps every day. 

Weigh/Measure all food. I got a little lazy with that this week. 
Anybody have any fitness or healthy goals this week??? 

Everybody have a good weekend????

Beth WA

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