Feeling prepared. And exhausted. 

Man, Alive! I don’t drink alcohol very much any more, and now I know why! I am so tired today. This was only the second or maybe third time I’ve had more than one drink since January 11th.  I am disappointed because it was such a gorgeous day. But, I had fun last night, and I guess that’s what matters. 

Even through my exhaustion I meal planned, grocery shopped, and meal PREPPED, too! I have my breakfast and lunch for the week.  

Baked Oatmeal (a new recipe, I will let you know how it is before I share it!)

Lunch is White Chicken Chili by Iowa Girl Eats. 

And for some of our dinners I made carnitas for the first time. 

Henry is sleeping at my parents, and while I will miss him like crazy I am enjoying my relaxing evening. I got all of my recipes in MyFitnessPal and tracked. I cleaned the kitchen, and am ready for my busy week. 

Here are a few pics of Henry and me today:

Here’s to a good week!!

I feel motivated and ready to have a really successful week. 


Beth WA

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