+ 2.6 lbs – 29.2 total

Ouch. Not a good week. And I knew it. And I wasn’t gonna weigh in. But, I did.

I know I’ve made the right adjustments prepping for this week, let’s just hope I follow through and can lose what I gained plus a little bit more. 

I can’t dwell on it. And I feel smaller inch wise, and I’ve started to get compliments from people who didn’t know I was on this journey. 

I am doing the right thing. And I am going to stay the course. 

Here are some fun pics of Henry from tonight. 

Well, I am going to enjoy my tea and my Monday night treat. 


Beth wA

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1 Response to + 2.6 lbs – 29.2 total

  1. Henry looks like a big boy in these pictures!!! So cute.
    Sorry about the gain but I know you will be back on track this week!

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