Balancing Life

Man oh man. I feel completely overloaded. The end of the school year brings lots of demands and evening events. Spring lends itself to more social events. And I am tired. 

So, I am trying to do all of that and still be a good mom, friend, daughter, wife, and teacher- oh, and also not fall of the path of my journey to health and fitness. And I feel on the brink right now, today. Maybe not tomorrow, but today I am feeling like I wanna eat all of the food and sit on my butt. 

That is why I am doing everything I can to make it to all of the gym classes I can despite my other obligations. And it feels good to hold onto that commitment. Because the reality is, that is how life goes and I need to learn to navigate through all of the seasons, all of the stresses… 

So, forgive me if I am neglecting you. I promise it’s only temporary. 

Here’s hoping I only drink tea tonight and don’t have any snacks! I am out of calories. 😳😩

I forgot to post my -31.8 pictures! Here are the three in a row; -10, -20, and -30. 

Ok, here’s to a successful weekend! I have two social events… One is a dancing event, so hopefully I burn more calories than I eat. The other is a first communion party. Wish me luck!! ☺️
How is everyone doing with their health and fitness goals???

Beth WA

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2 Responses to Balancing Life

  1. Angie says:

    You look great. All I can say about health and food is it work work work. But always and some fun😉 Love ya, Aunt Angie

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