-0.0 lbs these last two weeks -33.4 total 

I was so relieved to see I stayed the same because I’ve eaten too much and exercised too little! I have eaten a lot of crap in the last two weeks, so I feel stressed and crappy. That’s no way to live! Back at it tomorrow. 

We have eaten so much takeout and restaurant food I am looking forward to some home cooking. We start our major budget on 6/24 so we will be eating a lot of home cooked meals. 😉

I am still having trouble leaving some of the stresses of the school year behind but I imagine as the days pass so will the stress. Also, as I exercise more, I will feel better. 

I am having a big retirement party on Saturday that I think I’ve mentioned and my mom and I put together the to do list for this week and I think we are in good shape. 

Here’s a few pics of Henry on summer break with his mama! 


Beth WA

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