House to myself. 

Good morning!!

Craig and Henry just left to go to my in law’s house and I have the house to myself. This is something I value. It reenergizes me. Usually I clean like mad when they are gone but last night Henry went to my parents to play for a few hours and I cleaned like crazy! I scrubbed our downstairs bathroom on my hands and knees and it looks so much better. I did the same in the kitchen. I also dusted and Craig swept. It feels so much better in here. 

However, we still have so much crap!!! This week my goal is going to be getting rid of a garbage bag of crap each day whether it’s donate or garbage. I am going to get a head start today by doing some shredding I’ve been putting off and going through a few things. I also have a few things I want to sell so I need to get them ready to sell. And I have some stuff of Henry’s to give to my friend who has a baby boy exactly two years younger than him. 

I’m disappointed in myself because we used our credit cards this weekend. But I am moving on from that. It’s done. And now I just have to keep moving on. It’s been tough because our budget is so tight right now. But we aren’t giving up!! We’ve gotten some good headway already.  And we’ve paid cash for so many things the last few months that we would’ve had to charge in the days before the budget. 

Also, Thursday and Friday night I went off the rails with my diet and the scale is showing that I am up two pounds. Also, I think the not working out for a week and a half really caught up with my. But it is what it is and I did great yesterday and plan on it today, too. 

The other thing I am going to do today is food prep. I am going to make a batch of barbecued pulled pork in the crockpot and salsa shredded chicken in the other. I went grocery shopping without a list or a plan and that was kind of a mess and very expensive. But next time I’ll do better.  I need to do better at reading the ads and buying meat on sale. 

Today I am going to try to do a workout video at home. I have so many. I’ve been wanting to do that on Tuesdays and Thursdays (the days I don’t go to the gym). Maybe this will be the week. I really want to get to -50 by the end of the year and I need to eat and exercise according to that goal. 

I have to say this is what I wore to work out this weekend. 

I would never ever have worn pants like that even 3 months ago. The squats and lunges are changing my legs. (Ignore my messy room!)
Well, I am off to enjoy my Sunday, you do the same! 


Beth WA

PS how cute is my bug???

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