Saturday Morning

Good morning! 

News flash: I didn’t turn it around yesterday. I actually did good all day until the evening. I have to figure something out. Maybe eat more frequently and more protein? 

I think I definitely need to eat more veggies.  

I am hoping this week is a better week health and fitness wise.

Today I have an eye appointment in Columbus (about 45 min away) and then we are going to hang out at my inlaws for a few hours.  After that we are going to my BFF’s mom’s 70th surprise birthday party at 4:00. It’s a big day for Henry so we are hoping for no meltdowns. My BFF is kicking butt in this journey so it will be good to see her and be inspired by her progress. 

This week some goals I have:

Body pump all three mornings

Walking at least 3 times to prep for 5K’s

My low impact aerobics class at least 2x

Schedule my free personal training session 

Eat within my calorie allotment


No evening snack, go back to my tea ritual!
Have a great Saturday. 


Beth WA

PS Henry loves rolls. 

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