Happy Thursday

Oh my gosh you guys. I am so tired. I just asked Craig if he gave me mono. Hahahahah. He just went to run an errand and I am seriously going to go to bed at 7:30. I don’t know what the deal is and I know it’s going to be worse next week with the clocks moving forward. Ugh. 

I’ve been a slacker with exercise but I am going to my Rockin to the Oldies class tomorrow and I am walking a 5K on Saturday.  So at least I will have 3 workouts this week. 

My nutrition is so so. Yesterday was awful but the rest has been not great but not terrible. I am working on only having healthful things in the house. And I am working on not binging after school and not eating in the evenings. We shall see. 

Ok, I have to go get ready for bed. 

For real. 

Beth WA 

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