Saturday Morning

Another Saturday hanging out with my baby boy. 

And my baby girl, Sammy! Actually, we call her our old lady. 

Doing my favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings. 

This week was kind of long. Henry caught my sickness and I ended up staying home with him on Thursday. He was coughing so much. 

I did a ton of housework. I recently signed up for “Fly Lady” app. It’s learning how to have routines to keep your house decluttered and clean without having to clean all of the time. It’s a behavior modification method with lists that you check off. That’s my favorite thing. You learn how to change your routines and develop new ones.  Her first step is to shine your sink. 

Our sink is on its last leg so I was happy with how it turned out. One of her rules is that your sink should be cleaned out like that every night before you go to bed. 

I also cleaned out my microwave. 

That was gratifying because it was nasty. 

I also got rid of two more bags just by cleaning out junk drawers and dresser surfaces and cleaning out my husband’s socks. 

I also bought these three shirts from Walmart. I love this style shirt from there. They are Danskin brand and always have sayings on them that I can relate to. I have one that I love that says, “Give up on giving up.”

As far as my weight I am still stuck within the same 10 lbs that I seem to always get stuck. But I am going to keep trucking along. I saw this the other day and it really summed up how I feel. 

I am trying every day but I am hoping it helps when I am on a regular working out schedule. I plan on going to the gym Tues/Thursday and Saturday once we get back from vacation and Craig is working his new hours. 

Also, I am super excited because I had the brilliant idea to turn our office into a office/home gym. It’s a big room. We have a bed in it now but we are going to move that to Henry’s room. I have all of these great ideas. Currently Craig uses the desk when he works on the weekends which makes it difficult for me to use the desk for bills and other home stuff. But he won’t be doing that any more. So now I am going to transform it into my work space. As of now I have all of my bills and budget planning stuff in two bins that I carry around. Now, I can set it all up in there. I have been pinteresting ideas. 

As for the gym side of things, I have a lot of equipment.  I have a treadmill, step, free weights, barbell, kettle bells, mats, DVDs, bands, and some other stuff. We will eventually need to invest in that puzzle piece flooring and a television. 

Today I am going to my low impact aerobics class at 11:15 and tomorrow I am doing a 5K with my friend Kathy. It’s the same one we did a few weeks ago. It’s supposed to be really nice out. I am looking forward to it even though I have to get up at 5:30 am. 😭😳
Then I have a three day work week and then VACATION!!!!

Have a good weekend, friends and family!! 

Beth WA

I love this picture of my stinkerbutts. 

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  1. Angie says:

    Have fun on vacation 😀

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