Saturday Morning

Good morning. We are a tired bunch here at the Allman house. 

Somebody is an early riser and then likes to have a slow morning. My sleep is so messed up from him due to naps and short night’s sleep. I need to get that straightened out this week because I’m tired of being tired. 

This past week Henry and I went up to my parents’ boat with my mom. He loves it up there. The weather wasn’t great and he didn’t sleep well at first so he was a little difficult but he still had a great time. 

He loves his Grammy. 

You’ll notice he is wearing jeans, a sweatshirt and a coat. It was so windy at the park which is right by the lake. And the temperature without the wind was in low 60’s. 

I’ve been doing pretty well with eating and am just getting back to regular exercise. I’ve joined an online/Facebook coaching club that my friend Stacy runs that is a great accountability factor for me and she has real life tips for making weight loss sustainable and fit into your life easily. Plus she is really encouraging and I know that for me that is something that helps me succeed in whatever it is I am doing. 

Accountability and encouragement. 👍🏻

I am yet again trying a new gym schedule as we adjust to my husband, Craig’s new schedule at work, and my schedule of no work and being at home. So this weekend I decided that from now on  I would do my Body Pump on Tuesday night and Saturday morning. And then I would go two-three other times during the work week at 7:45 pm or on Sunday during the day and do my own workout.  I also have a bunch of 20 minute at home exercises that I do with Stacy’s challenge. I feel with so much weight to lose at this point I need to be adding in some extra cardio. Plus, it will be nice to get away by myself, watch some Netflix on my phone and zone out on the elliptical or treadmill for a while. I have so many shows I want to watch that I just don’t get the chance to watch at home. 

Anyway, on to other things… Thursday night I went to see a concert with my friend Heather that was called the Four Voices.  It was Mary Chapin Carpenter, Joan Baez and the Indigo Girls and it was amazing. The venue is an small and outdoor, and the weather was so amazing. 

While we were at the boat we went to a TJ Maxx and in about ten minutes I found some cute shirts and a skirt including this shirt that I wore to the concert. 

I loved it and it matched perfectly with the necklace and capris I wanted to wear it with. 

I like long shirts. 👍🏻

Goals for next week:

*Exercise 5 times

*Go on 2-3 fun outings with Henry

*Take a few loads of stuff to goodwill 

*Throw away 5-7 bags of garbage/clutter

*Get my step goal of 10,000 on most days. 

*128 oz of water a day. This usually is not an issue, as I love drinking water. 

*Take care of my broken glasses issue! Henry broke my glasses and they are driving me crazy. But first I have to deal with paperwork with my FSA account. 🙄
Today my neighborhood is having a garage sale, meaning over 50 houses are taking part in it. If I was more prepared I probably could have taken part in it. But, instead, I will be selling all of my stuff online this summer. I have a bunch of baby stuff, maternity clothes, and other stuff to get rid of. 
Okay, I am off to enjoy the weekend. Going to the gym later this morning and perhaps some garage sale-ing. 


Beth WA

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