Henry’s first day of school + Whole 30 Day 5

Well, today was Henry’s first day of pre-school so there was a lot of anxiety in the house this morning as we were sending our little boy out into the world. It’s so scary and exciting at the same time. Our preschool program is amazing and I know he will do well, but I still had the butterflies. Drop off went great, he was so excited. Here are some pictures:

And my Whole30 is going well. I forgot to snap pictures of breakfast and lunch because of aforementioned preschool anxiety. I also didn’t eat enough at the meals and I was feeling a little bingey after school but instead I texted my good friends who are doing this, too and when I got home I split a banana and apple with Henry. I put almond butter on mine. Then, for dinner I made a casserole from Physical Kitchness that is called Tuscan Spaghetti Squash casserole. It was satisfying and filling and a pretty good casserole considering there was no cheese. 😂😂

My husband even liked it.

So far, the biggest realization I have had on this is the difference between how much shitty junk food I would need to feel satisfied and full vs how much real food it takes to satisfy and fill me up. It’s insane. I remember trying to lower my calories and thinking it was crazy because I was still hungry. Well, that’s because I was trying to eat nutritionless food frequently and still lose weight. Ugh.

Also, I am so much less bloated and puffy and red.

And I love not weighing and measuring every drop of food.

Okay, I’m off to bed. My bedtime app just told me it’s time! Hahahahaha.

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