Whole 30 Day 8

I’m still hanging in. Today was the hardest day so far. I had two snacks this morning and a snack when I got home from school. I normally don’t have that many. Also, it’s Friday and when I got home from work I just wanted to order in. But, I cooked a simple, delicious and satisfying dinner and moved on. I didn’t get all of my meals but I got this:

Lunch was salad with Hawaiian chicken burger and compliant ranch dressing and strawberries and some nut butter.

Dinner was chicken sausage, roasted cauliflower and baked Japanese sweet potato with vanilla bean ghee and cinnamon. I use tomato paste in place of ketchup. I miss ketchup.

Well, I am pretty exhausted. And so was Henry.

Happy Friday everybody!


Beth WA

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2 Responses to Whole 30 Day 8

  1. CortneySkory says:

    Sounds like a great dinner and beautiful Friday evening…❤️

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