Gearing up for Whole26

Well, I thought it was a Whole27 but when I counted the days turns out it’s only a Whole26. I am really looking forward to it. All of this holiday food has me feeling so tired and sleeping like crap. I am going to the gym today for the first time in a while and I’m taking both Body Pump and my Rockin’ to the Oldies class. I am looking forward to the atmosphere of the gym and getting moving. I am excited to do this Whole27 right now so I enter the holiday season feeling good.

Henry turned a corner on his sickness yesterday but the amoxicillin combined with swallowing all that mucous makes him sick to his stomach and he barfed on me at bed time last night. Then he ate a banana and graham cracker and passed out.

*****I typed all of that this morning and now it’s 8:23 pm and I’m sitting on my couch.*****

We had a full day today. I went to both classes at the gym and it felt great to spend time there. And frankly it was nice to get out of the house. We were home bound most of the week and I was ready to get out. Then I met Craig and Henry at my parents and watched the OSU game with the fam. Henry had a blast. By the time we were leaving he was overtired and it was a scene. I sure hope he sleeps in tomorrow. He hasn’t had really good sleep all week.

I had a massive headache and just generally feeling shitty from eating shitty and too much. My Whole26 can’t come soon enough. After I’m done with this I’m going to make a grocery list and order my groceries to be delivered tomorrow! #livingmybestlife

I hope everybody is having a great weekend!


Beth WA

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2 Responses to Gearing up for Whole26

  1. Elizabeth Richardson says:

    I am thinking about doing the Whole30 right after the New Year,
    I think it will be good for the whole family.
    We have made a promise to keep it healthy between Thanksgiving and Christmas in our house. no need for a free-for-all during the next three weeks. I have made healthy delicious dinners the past two nights. #winning

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