Goal Setting Season

Well, it’s that time of year!! Time to set some goals for ourselves, if we so choose. And I’ve got goals this year. I’m tired of dicking around with my health and fitness. I’m going to start the year with a Whole30+.

I say + because I think I want to do longer than 30 days. I would like this to be a segue to a true lifestyle, or way of eating that is good for my heart, my mind, my autoimmune disease (psoriasis) and my fitness. Last time I did a whole 30 I was so freaking nervous, I don’t think I quite enjoy it as much as I could have. I plan on enjoying and documenting this one, on this blog and on my blog’s instagram account. I also plan on doing the real reintroduction that they outline in the book. I am planning on digging deep for this. And I found a place to get my inspiration when I am not feeling it, or I am wimping out because it feels too hard.

Meet my inspiration.

This is Carly. I blogged about her in the fall when she passed away after a harrowing fight with leukemia. Carly was a very goal driven girl whom I taught for four years in a row and I was very close with her. She was my special girl.

Her mom came over the other day and gifted me with a Pandora bracelet with charms to remind me of Carly. It was the most meaningful gift I’ve ever received.

Her mom, Lisa, told me about the talk she gave at the volleyball banquet. Little did Lisa know just how badly that I needed to hear that talk. She talked about Carly having goals and working tirelessly for them, even if it was hard, and not only working towards those goals, but also enjoying the journey. The example she gave was that Carly’s last goal was to be back on the volleyball court with the team. She was going to practices and sitting on the sidelines at scrimmages and games, but wasn’t strong enough physically to play. And she didn’t let the girls see, but at night she would pay for that effort by being in a lot of pain and not sleeping well. Yet, she still worked toward her goal. She didn’t let that stop her from what she was working towards.

She handed out these luggage tags to remind the girls of Carly’s tenacity.

And she gave one to me. She also gave these cards out.

All of this went perfectly on my Carly shelf…

And they will be a great reminder and motivator to me as I look to crush my goals of self improvement in 2018.


What are your intentions/goals/resolutions?

I hope everybody is having a great holiday season.


Beth WA

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2 Responses to Goal Setting Season

  1. Elizabeth Richardson says:

    This made me cry.
    WOW what an inspiration from a young girl.
    If we could all only extend ourselves in that way.

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