Two more weeks!

That’s the countdown to Spring Break and boy am I ready. I can just tell when the kids are fatigued and the teachers are, too. Everybody is edgy, and things just feel like it is time for a break! I don’t know if it gets like that because we know break is coming or what. Anyway, it is time and then the rest of the year usually flies by. Then, it’s time for SUMMER!!!!

Things have been going pretty well health and nutrition wise. I’m working on balance, and not binging. I’ve got a lot of support and that is what I need. I am part of a support group which my friend Stacy runs on Facebook. I workout in a small group with Stacy on Saturday mornings. And I am doing a program that I think I’ve mentioned before called Real Appeal through Craig’s insurance. Also, I am always very active in the Whole30/Paleo online community as well. These are all things that help me in this journey. I’ve learned that it is not so much about perfection but consistency. So, here’s hoping this continues! One day at a time.

I have two and a half months until I go to California. I leave on May 31st. I am going to do a Whole30 in May so I feel really good when I leave for California.

Something else that has been going well is that I’ve been going to Mass on Saturdays and it has been great. My family, including my parents go to 4:30 mass then we eat together and I love it. I feel so good after mass and I’m glad that I am finally taking Henry. He is a good boy at mass so far and I love sharing my faith with him. I am also very thankful that Craig goes even though he is not Catholic. Here are some pictures Henry took at our dinner last night.

Not gonna lie, I hate that pic of me in the background.

But, you gotta start somewhere. 🤷🏼‍♀️

At school things are exciting because our boys’ basketball team just became District champions for the first time since 1997! Henry, my dad and I went to the game.

Today my in-laws are coming over and we are going to Young’s Dairy, a farm near my house that has a restaurant and ice cream shop. It also has lots of animals and activities for kids. I also have to grocery shop, exercise, grade, clean the bathroom, meal prep… so right now I am just sitting on the couch avoiding all of the work and drinking my coffee.

Well, have a good beginning of your week! My mom is in Texas visiting my brother so we have a weird week. My dad is watching H on Monday and Tuesday, Craig took off Wednesday and Thursday, and I took off Friday.

Peace out!


Beth WA

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