-39 pounds

I’m so close to -40, but I’ll take it. The weight doesn’t fall off as quick as I thought, so my mind is getting adjusted to that.

Things I’m doing well: tracking everything, measuring everything, exercising

Things I’m not doing well: drinking water and going #2 (TMI, I know, but this used to be so easy for me!)

I’m hoping the water gets better. It’s hard to get it all in when you’re eating five times a day and each time you eat you can’t drink anything 30 minutes prior, 30 minutes after and the 30 minutes you are supposed to take eating the meal. It leaves a small window of drinking time.

I’m trying to be patient and “trust the process” as they say. I’m looking forward to being in general food stage next week and adding in more veggies. I’m hoping that helps with some issues, too. 😆

We had a middle school dance last night and it was so fun!!

I also brought my flashlight to make sure there was room for the Holy Spirit should there be a slow dance.

My coworkers and I all danced and laughed and had a good time.

I’m tired today. My body is sore. I did some jumping that I probably shouldn’t have done.

Well, I am off to make some pulled pork in the crock pot. My parents are coming over for dinner tonight.

Have a good weekend!


Beth WA

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2 Responses to -39 pounds

  1. Cortney says:

    40 pounds ia amazing! And with summer coming – you can be outside more and chasing Henry❤️😊

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