Mother’s Day Weekend

We have a busy Mother’s Day weekend. It started yesterday at Henry’s Pre-school. They have a Mother’s Day party. Being a mother is something I try to never take for granted. I fought hard to become a mom, and while it was painful, emotional and something I wouldn’t wish on anybody, I believe it has made me so grateful for all of the moments. I had to keep my emotions in check as I drove to his school, feeling so blessed that I am his mom. The kids sang songs to us moms, then they served us a cookie and punch. They also have us presents.

After, we took this picture with one of my besties, and her son, who is Henry’s bestie.

My friend is thin and in shape and when I saw this picture I didn’t hate it. That never happens. For the first time in a long time I didn’t look twice the size of the friend I was standing next to. I promise I am not being self deprecating or self hating. I am just being honest.

I love this picture. And I love the friendships between her and me, and between our sons.

Tonight one of my other besties, Beth (the other Beth of thetwobeths) and our moms are going to see P!nk and we are so excited!! She puts on a great concert and it will be a fun night with our Mom’s for Mother’s Day weekend.

Tomorrow we will go to my Mother In Law’s house and then home to chill.

My May is pretty crazy until about the 21st. Then it starts to be a little less crazy. That’s the day of 8th grade graduation.

I hope you all have a good Mother’s Day weekend. I know it’s not always an easy day for everyone. My heart is with those of you who have a difficult day.


Beth WA

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4 Responses to Mother’s Day Weekend

  1. Angie says:

    Happy Mothers Day 💐
    Have fun tonight.
    Love ya, Angie’s

  2. Lisa Watson says:

    Oh my goodness! You are adorable! Your little one is adorable! Congrats on life! Happy Mother’s Day!

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