Operator Error

So, hello. It is Wednesday. Let’s congratulate ourselves on getting over half through the week.

I have a story about our dishwasher. We bought it in 2011, and because my dad always buys extended warranties, we always buy extended warranties.
So, last night when there was a malfunction (the little door that holds the soap inside will not flip open during the cycle. So, the stuff isn’t getting soap on it.)
I thought to myself, I am actually going to call Lowe’s and get this fixed. (If you knew me, you would know that I am really bad at that sort of thing.) When I got home from school, I spent about 40 minutes on the phone with Lowe’s. They were really nice, and the time was mostly due to some confusion because our account is hooked to my husband’s parents. I set up the service appointment for Friday, thinking that two days without a dishwasher wouldn’t be too bad.
So, that’s when the very kind man that I was working with said,

Lowe’s Guy: “Just a few trouble shooting questions before we hang up…First, is the water definitely running in the dishwasher, and is the cycle going? ”

Me: “Oh yes, definitely.’

Lowe’s Guy: “And, of course there isn’t anything in it’s way?”

Me: “ummm….oh, crap.”
(checks dishwasher, sees pan in way, blushes because I am so embarrassed even though I am on the phone)

So, yeah. The dishwasher wasn’t broken.

There was a pan in the way.

In other news, I am eating this banana bread recipe for breakfast every single day, and it is delicious. Except, I substituted the banana with half banana and half pumpkin, and instead of walnuts I used pecans, and instead of cinnamon I used pumpkin pie spice. I also added chia seeds and flax seed. It is amazing. Here is a picture of my breakfast. I know, I use too much butter. But, it is SOOO good.


I’ve also been walking regularly with Beth FS and my friend Schwaig. It feels good to burn extra calories, and also socialize with friends.

Enjoy your evenings!!!
Sorry this is a boring post.

Beth WA

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