Friday night: then vs now

Well, my Friday nights have evolved a LOT through the years. They used the be wild and crazy and now they are relaxed and calm. In the last several years many Friday nights would be binge nights. I would sit in my living room and eat all sorts of bad things. Papa Johns breadsticks, pizza and a dessert brownie or cookie was one of my favorite Friday night pig outs. I would eat so much and feel so gross.  

Now, I still have a treat of some kind but I plan it in my day. AND, my Friday afternoons start at 4:30 with a class at my gym called Dancing with the Oldies. Then, at 7:00 I go back to the gym for my support group’s class, which is 23 minutes long. It is very similar to body pump but a lot shorter. And it has cardio mixed in. My heart was beating fast tonight as I increased my weights. Then I come home, have my tea and treats that I planned to have and relax and watch Lieutenant Kenda on ID discovery.  

Tomorrow I plan on taking a long walk with Henry in the stroller in the morning because it’s supposed to be really nice out. I also want to do a half hour Body Pump at home while he is napping. I am saying it out loud to you guys so I actually do it! 

I am doing a meal plan this weekend for next week. I am definitely making the egg bake for lunch but I have some recipes I wanna try for dinner. I got the Skinnytaste cookbook after my mom got it and I wanted to try so many recipes in it. 

Well, I am off to relieve my husband from bedtime. Bug doesn’t want to go to sleep. 

Here’s a pic of Henry eating his current favorite, strawberries. 

Beth WA

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