Playing Hookie. 

So, I played hookie from the gym. It was weigh in day, but that’s not why I skipped. I actually had a great weigh in this morning. 

I just wasn’t feeling it today and I really didn’t feel like leaving this cutie bug. 

And I am okay with it. Don’t get me wrong, I had the guilts and I definitely feel better when I go. But, for today, for me, this was the right choice. 

Part of me panics when I skip a work out and I worry I will slip into my old ways. But the other part of me knows that I just didn’t feel like going today. And that is okay. 

And I am glad I didn’t make the decision last night or I definitely would’ve eaten that lemon cake! 
So, now I have to make sure I have a big loss for next weeks weigh in since it will be two weeks worth!! Ha ha! 

Have a great night!


Beth WA

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