Saturday Morning

I got a really good night’s sleep last night and I really needed it. I was so over tired because I have slept crappily all week, especially Thursday night. School is exhausting right now as we wrap up the year. And I’ve had trouble keeping up with house work. I know that people always say that’s ok, but I don’t like having a messy house. It makes me feel – I don’t know if anxious is the word- but I just don’t like it. I can’t quite relax the same as I can when my house is clean. Anyway, my lack of sleep combined with not making the best food choices has had me an anxious/overly sensitive mess. 

In other news, I have a big urge to paint rooms in my house and hang up pictures and decorate. I never really put effort into that but I am ready. We are going to redo our downstairs bathroom and get a new garage door this summer.  We are also going to paint our downstairs guest room.  This summer I also want to frame all of the pictures I have set aside to frame of Henry, and some family pictures. The next thing I want to do is get carpet in all of the bedrooms and our stairs, but that will have to wait until we save up. 

Another project I am working on this summer is getting on a budget Dave Ramsey style. We have a chunk of debt that we’ve had forever. It never seems to go down. So, I want to get that paid off so we can breathe a little easier. It will feel good to aggressively work on that. 

But for the next few hours, Henry and I are going continue to hang out in our pajamas and watch Bubble Guppies. 


Hope you all have a glorious Saturday. ❤️


Beth WA

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