-0.2 lbs this week, -33.4 lbs total

Well, it wasn’t a huge loss but I will take it for sure. I missed exercise at the gym for two days and I ate at the high point most days or over my calories for 2 days for the hubbie’s birthday.  However, I have noticed a lot of my clothes became really big feeling this week. Like, unwearable big. I am thinking of selling clothes on eBay this summer. My husband and I are starting the Dave Ramsey baby steps this June and getting rid of our debt once and for all. I’ve done a lot of research on this.  I’ve read three of his books, and have a workbook to walk me through the details. I can’t wait!! I might even start using coupons. 😂

Well, I am off to bed. I actually slept last night even after my nap yesterday so I am hoping that my body remembered how to sleep again. 
My goals for this week;

64 oz of actual water per day, and 24 oz of my crystal light or tea (or water)

Stop eating after dinner except for 2 nights, tonight and one weekend night. 

Do not use my exercise calories at all. 
Here’s to a solid week. We don’t have weigh in next Monday because of Memorial Day but I only want to make a one week goal. 👍🏻
Good night, y’all 


Beth WA

PS here is a pic of my cutie pie

He was distraught because our dog went behind the shed and he couldn’t see her any more… Until she came back around the other side. That’s his “uh-oh” face. 

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