That word is an Oprah word. Man, do I miss the Oprah show. Like I actively miss it. But, I try to make Oprah proud in my daily actions. ☺️

That being said, I love the word schlumpadinka. It describes the way I felt getting ready to go places for the last several years. My bff’s are all thin and in shape and stylish.  Whenever we go out I always felt huge and frumpy. It was nothing they said or did, it was my own issues. I was always getting ready finding the one or two things that fit and feeling awful in the process. But, now, while I still have a lot of weight to lose, and I still feel large, I feel a lot better about myself as I am getting ready. I have lots of clothes to choose from. I don’t feel as flabby. I know I am strong. So, last night when I went out with my girlfriends I didn’t feel like a schlumpadinka and I was able to enjoy myself and I loved that feeling. 

Speaking of strong, a non scale victory I had last week is in body pump class. I used to do the push-ups (regular and triceps) against the wall standing up, and last week I switched to girl style on the floor! And the triceps dips off the side of the step, I used to do the modification where you would lean back on top of the step.  But last week I started doing them off the side of the step. I am proud of my gains in strengths. 

We are not having a weigh in on Monday and I find myself being a little lacksadaisical. I need to reign it in. Right after I have these pancakes I am about to make for breakFast. I am off today and spending the day with my favorite little buddy. 

We are wearing pajamas until lunch!


Beth WA

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2 Responses to Schlumpadinka 

  1. Angie says:

    Have a great weekend 😀
    Love Ya, Aunt Angie

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