Free for all

Memorial Day weekend + end of school year + stress + no weigh in this Monday had me all crazy eating. Seriously. I need to stop. I have been tracking everything but it ain’t pretty. Yesterday I bought lemon bars at Kroger. Luckily they were gross. Tonight I bought 7 layer bars. And they are not at all gross. I need to get rid of both things. Tonight. I am going to put them in the dumpster. There I said it out loud. $7 down the drain… Ooh maybe that’d be better. Put them down the drain. 
Anyway. Other than that we are having a great weekend. Craig is off all three days.  Henry went with Craig and his parents to a car show that was happening in town and he loved it.  Then we ate lunch at the restaurant across the street. They have outdoor seating.  Henry was a good boy. 

Then he took an epic nap. Craig and I napped the last 45 minutes of his nap. Then we grilled out and played in the back.   It was a great day. 


Beth WA
Update: I decided to freeze the bars like I did with my Girl Scout cookies (which I still have a lot of even though I only bought two boxes).  That way I have to plan to eat them. 

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