T-minus One week or so

That’s when I will be able to be back at the gym and I can’t wait. I plan on doing my classes at the gym as well as my 21 day fix workouts. Those are half an hour long and I figure I can do those with Henry around. 

I plan on taking more morning and evening walks with Henry as well. I’ve been a slug as I’ve been working with my Doctor on the issue I previously mentioned. I had to have a procedure for which I was under anesthesia yesterday. I came through fine and the nurse said I hugged everybody after. #awkward

Afterward I was starving because it was 1:00 and I hadn’t had any food or drink since the night before. Craig took me to Bob Evan’s and I got this 1,400 calorie breakfast. Apparently I also told the nurses I was going to Bob Evan’s to have pancakes. 

I never get this breakfast any more because of my change in lifestyle, but I just did. It was my breakfast and lunch combined and I was starving. Their pancakes are like cake. So delicious. 

I came home and went immediately to sleep and then when I woke up I had a surprise visit from my BFF, Liz!!!Liz’s blog is one of my favorites. She and I have been on this journey practically our whole friendship. We used to talk on the phone every day and now with our crazy lives it’s gotten harder to do that.  I know some day we will get back to that when our kids are older. But it was SO good to be with her and see her yesterday. It ignites my soul in so many ways. She makes me want to be a better person just by being around her. 

After she left, I got ready to head to the Lion King with my mom and my niece, Ava. Ava is my first baby girl. She is my brother’s daughter. I love her like she is my own. She comes up from Houston to stay with all of us over the summer. This year we made a bucket list of the things we are going to do. 

Henry had a rough day yesterday so today I am going to love all over him. We are going to have a chill day, and hopefully make it to PetSmart and the grocery store. And then tomorrow starts… Duh duh duh – the budget!!! I am nervous and excited about it. It’s going to be difficult, but I know we can do it. Liz and her husband did it once and she said that is how they got out of debt. That’s what I want to do. Badly. 

We are starting with baby step 1, build a $1000 emergency savings. That shouldn’t take too long then we will be onto baby step 2. Paying off debt. I will give more details as we go. 
Henry is awake so I am going up to get him. 

Have a great Wednesday. Xoxo, Beth wa

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1 Response to T-minus One week or so

  1. Angie says:

    I loved the Lion King 😀 Hope you’re feeling better 😘

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