Friday- Budget Day #1!!!

Today is Friday and I am happy about it as my husband is off this weekend. Craig’s parents are coming over tomorrow. It will be a nice weekend.  Today, Henry and I have some chores to do but I would like to play outside for a while. He hasn’t had much outside time. It’s been so hot and our kid pool isn’t inflated. I would like to get a new small plastic one. I just have to see if it fits in the budget. I am actually excited about this budget because so many things in my life right now are out of my control and it will be nice to have something that I have under control. 

Well, I started this post this morning. Since then Henry and I spent a considerable amount of time outside and now we are attempting nap time.

I hope you are all having a great week. 

Xoxo Beth wa 

Please ignore the shiner and the bruise on his forehead. He’s had a few rough falls the last few days. But he’s a tough guy, that’s for sure! 

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