Slowly and Surely

Well, slowly and surely I am stepping my way back on the wagon. I’ve done a great job of getting workouts in and making sure I get my 10,500 steps. My food is still a struggle for me. I am still sad on some days and those days make it hard to move and eat right but I am doing to best I can. I made it to the gym three times this week and I am super proud of that. On the other days I did my Leslie Sansone video. 

This next seven days I will be focusing on:

Getting my water in

Getting my 10,000 steps 

Not eating after dinner
I will be going on a mini vacation next week with Henry. We are going up to my parents’ boat. It’s hard to stay on track there but I want to make sure I walk every day and follow my goals written above. 

My little goofball has been hilarious lately. He loves putting things on his head. 

Have a great weekend! 


Beth Wa

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