Goal fail

Well, of the three goals I set yesterday I only met one. I drank all of my water. But, I got less than 6,000 steps and ate loads of crap. We went to my inlaws for my mother in law’s birthday. Going there is always a nice time but my most challenging time to stick to my health and fitness goals. I was so tired all day and I knew it was because of my food choices. It got me to thinking that I really need to work on choosing healthier foods and not just foods that fit into my calories. I have been eating way too many carbs and too much sugar. The next two weeks I will be on separate vacations but each for the about five days. I am just going to focus on those three goals from yesterday  and do the best I can making good food choices. 

I slept hard last night and went to bed early. I was tired. I am looking forward to getting some chores done around the house today. And hanging out with my best bud. 

Goals today:

Get 10,500 steps – at least

Drink 100 oz of water

Nothing to eat after dinner 
Have a great Sunday! 


Beth WA

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