Well, as of today I am 41. I can’t believe it. I decided 41 is the year I am going to get to my goal weight. I’ve had a rough month or so but I am feeling ready to get back to it after my vacations this week and next. I am going to do my best this next two weeks to drink my water and get my steps. That’s all I can promise. 

Today I was so proud of Henry. He was very brave. He overcame his fear of the pool. 

Then we went to a Japanese steak house and he was terrified. But he eventually braved it at the table and ate his French fries… Cautiously and suspiciously. 

Then… He ate some ice cream with me. He isn’t a huge fan but he was being social. Ha ha! 

We sure missed his daddy, but somebody has to work for a living!

Best Dave Matthews Song

Best year yet. 😉💕


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