-4.4 lbs this week, -25.8 total

I am officially back on the wagon and it feels good. I was happy to see a big loss and next week is Labor Day and my gym is closed. I would like to lose 4.2 in two weeks to get back to -30. My energy is good and I am looking forward to continual loss. 

I did great yesterday and cooked for four hours meal prepping for the week. I have to tweak my gym schedule this week due to child care issues but I hope I stick to it! I will be super proud of myself if I do. 

Hope everybody has a great week. It’s super hot at work and it’s hard to stay and work. Hopefully it’ll cool down over the next few weeks. 

This is me today: 

This is Craig and me on Saturday. We went out to celebrate our anniversary, a month late.  But it was still a lovely evening. My awesome mom kept Henry for the night and we slept like champs over here!!

Angie, I know you love to see pics of Craig! 😘

Gotta go to bed. Zzzzz


Beth WA

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