Sunday morning

I am pretty happy with myself because I did my grocery shopping and meal planning and prepping yesterday. I had a huge non scale victory at the grocery store. It was the first time in years I went and didn’t buy myself something unhealthy as “treat.” I didn’t even realize it until I got to the checkout and looked at my spread. Yay! Also, I went to a baby shower yesterday and the only compliant food was the veggie tray. So I only ate raw vegetables. I had a small snack when I got home then a late dinner. So, I ended up eating 800 calories under my goal. It was one of those rude awakenings of how little I actually need to eat to be okay. 

Also, an update on my anti depressant.  I have to say I feel so good. I feel present in my life and I feel like my old self. When I say my old self I mean like years and years ago. I look people in the eye. I am friendly to strangers in public places. When I smile I am really smiling from the inside. I don’t dwell on negativity when it surrounds me. I laugh with my kids at school instead of being a grouchy face. I know that this is not only because of my medicine but because of the life changes I am making. It’s a good recipe for a happy person. ☺️

My scale isn’t budging much this week but I am trudging on. I feel good, and my body is definitely changing. Most noticeably to me is my belly isn’t hanging like it has been. And I’ve been standing taller. I wonder if it is the stretching I’ve been doing for the WLC? Speaking of the WLC (whole life challenge), this week’s Lifestyle challenge is to organize a space every day. I love that! Yesterday I organized my Tupperware/glad ware cabinet. Today I am going to organize my clothes. My closet is jam packed right now and I find myself wearing the same things over and over again because of it. 

The only four things on the agenda for me today are laundry, organize closet, take a walk, and hang out with Henry and Craig ❤️.

Have a great Sunday. 

This was a note I got on Friday from one of my sweet girls: 


Beth WA

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  1. mom says:

    how about steak dinner?

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