10.5 hours of sleep

So, I was one tired Mofo last night. I was in bed by 8:30. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. And I ended up with 10.5 hours of sleep and it was glorious. I feel so good this morning. 

My whole life challenge (WLC) is going well. I planned an indulgence last night and ended up not indulging quite as much as I had planned because I just didn’t feel like it. That was a non scale victory for me. 

Other non scale victories:

…some of the clothes I was wearing because I had gained weight back are now too big- mostly shirts. 

…I went to my 6 am body pump class on MWF two weeks in a row. That’s unprecedented for me. 

….I’ve gotten my 10,000 steps for over 8 days in a row. 

…I’ve been doing more than sitting on the couch in the evenings so I’ve been able to keep up with laundry. 

…food is tasting better and I am not having that need/craving  for sweet after every meal. 
I am excited for what this WLC is doing for me and I am excited to continue it. 

Have a great weekend, y’all!

Also, I am pretty sure Henry is going to be an architect. 


Beth WA

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