Lately the first half of my week has been at a snail’s pace but then it picks up. I am happy we are over half way done with the week. I am ready for the weekend. I’ve been doing pretty well with the Whole Life Challenge. I’ve been compliant with my food and I love everything I have been eating. But, whenever I start a lower carb diet I find myself eating a lot of fat. Like wat too much. So, I have to work on that. In the past I would’ve just given up,  but know I realize I just need to work on it and I won’t be doing it perfectly the first time around. I think it will help if I make a soup for lunch next week. I’ve been eating burgers for lunch and they have a lot of fat. 

I’m really tired tonight, I didn’t get enough sleep last night. I’m going to bed in a little bit. But first I have to share with you the most delicious breakfast I’ve been eating. 

A baked sweet potato topped with half of a banana, Fage total, chia seeds and almond butter. (This picture makes it look like a ton of almond butter but it was 1.5 tbsp)

This was so amazing!!!!! 

And a great segue to the fact that I am learning how to have protein in my diet without eating meat nonstop or supplements like protein powder or protein bars. It’s a work  in progress and something I am willing to work on. 

Ok, I have to go relax. I am exhausted. 

This is Henry trying to take his own shirt off. 😂
Xoxo xox,

Beth WA

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