-2.8 this week, -28.6 total

Guys! I am back on a roll and I am feeling good. I’ve been consistently exercising and I’ve finally cleaned up my diet starting this past Saturday. I am doing this 8 week whole life challenge with a few of my besties and one of the focuses is eating real food. It’s broken down into three levels and I chose the least restrictive. I can still have rice and potatoes in moderation, which felt sustainable for me. 

I’ve also been going to the 6 am body pump on MWF and I love it. I’ve been walking on my off days and making sure to get my 10,000 steps every day. It’s funny how this is not difficult at all now that I am not feeling anxious/depressed. In fact, a sign of this is how little I’ve blogged. I blog when I sit on the couch watching television, and lately I haven’t been doing much sitting. 

I’ve noticed that working out in the morning makes me so hungry but I just eat snacks even though I am not supposed to do that at school. And the way this diet is I find that eating every couple of hours works for me. So, I pack a cooler every morning and graze all day. 🐮
My baby boy is really starting to communicate and I love it. He is such a sweet boy. 

This is my before picture for my challenge:

Ok, I am going to pay attention to Henry for a while before bed time! 


Beth WA

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