Fantastic Friday

Today was a good day and that is surprising because Henry was up most of the night and I missed exercise this morning. But I still woke up feeling semi-decent and after my coffee I felt decent. I didn’t beat myself up about exercise because I knew I was going to another exercise class after school.  And tomorrow I get to go to both classes (body pump and my low impact aerobics class)

I had a great day at school. I don’t know what it was, maybe because it was jeans day, but I smiled like I meant it all day, I got 7000+ steps at school so it was easy to hit my 10,000 shortly after. And we had a dance off in my homeroom this afternoon that was hilarious. 

After school I went to the gym and then to my parents to get Henry. We got Chinese food and it was delicious. I only had to deduct one point from it for my challenge for the sauce on my chicken and veggies. Now I am sitting on my couch in my pajamas and Henry is playing with his cars on our coffee table while we are jamming to some tunes.

Oh, I meant to post my outfit from Thursday because the shirt is a hand me down is from my BFF Liz, who has lost 75 lbs!!! I shamelessly beg her for her hand me downs. 

Ignore the messy room. By Thursday that room is a disaster then I clean it all up over the weekend and then we mess it all up the next week. 

Ok, I’m gonna play with H before we go to bed! 


Beth WA

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