Sunday. Grocery day. 

I hate grocery shopping on Sunday’s but it is usually the day that works best. Apparently, that is the case for everybody in the city. Craig has to work so my dad is going to hang out with Henry while I got to Aldi and Kroger. I need to make a list.  I think I am going to have the same lunch this week. I had unwrapped cabbage rolls and it tasted delicious to me this week.  And it’s easy and cheap. 

I am also going to make more of the peanut butter/oat balls. Those were delicious. 

Also, I’ve been looking into flexible dieting. It’s kind of what I’ve been doing before I started this challenge and because we eat at home a lot I think I would really like it. It seems so much more sustainable. I already measure all of my food so it will just help me get my protein in. I am just going to try it and see how I do. I am going to continue the Whole Life challenge but will probably lose nutrition points often. But I am going to work hard to get all of the other points and make off plan foods more of an exception than a rule. 

It’s been a beautiful fall weekend. I’ve been tired though. We’ve all had a cold or the starting of a cold all week. I haven’t slept that great because of it. So I am looking forward to putting this cold behind me. 

Yesterday Henry and I went to the zoo while Craig worked. 

Then I took him to my gym for the open house. He played with my friend, Robin. 

It was a good day. Then we got home and Henry blew chunks all over the back yard. He gets car sick. It was my fault. I should’ve given him Dramamine. I won’t make that mistake again. Luckily it was in the back yard I thought- and then the dog ate it while I was bathing Henry! Ewwwww. Henry was fine after that but yuck! 

Well, I’ve gotta go get my day started. 


Beth WA

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