-0.4 this week, -31.4 total 

Well it wasn’t a big loss but it was a loss. And I’ve changed my food strategy a little bit to be flexible dieting. I am just trying it to see how it works or if it’s a good fit for me. This means I am eating a lot more protein and feeling satisfied all day. However, contrary to my Whole Life Challenge, not all of the food is compliant. I’ve been drinking protein shakes and eating protein bars. This has also lowered my fat intake. It has also allowed me to be right at my calorie intake.  I’ve only been doing this for three days. Thank goodness for my husband. He just supports me no matter what crazy thing I am trying out. He just wants me to be happy. 

Anyway, with this plan I am eating 180 g of protein a day!! That’s a lot. But for once, I am actually not starving all day. I get 172 g of carbs and 91 grams of fat. I also have a fiber goal of 39 grams. I’ll keep you posted. 😁

I did my 6 AM body pump class and my fun low impact aerobics class after school today. I was proud of myself. I am very tired and feeling under the weather. My throat is killing me. And I am super happy that this flexible dieting left me with fat and carbs which equals CHOCOLATE! So I am having a little but tonight and pretty happy about it. 

This week is spirit week at school for Homecoming this weekend and today was sweatpants day and I was pretty happy about it as you can see. (Ignore the messy room.)

I hope you are all having a great Monday night! 


Beth WA

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1 Response to -0.4 this week, -31.4 total 

  1. Angie says:

    You look great .
    Love Ya

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