My weight is at a standstill. I am fluctuating between these 5 lbs for months. I mean I gained some this summer and I lost and am back to where I was in May but I can’t break that point. And I haven’t been terrible but I’ve been lax. And it doesn’t help that I’ve been out of my water pill for four days. 😳

Anyway, I am going to be really focused this week and try to break this standstill. I am not calling it a plateau because I am not doing everything I can to get past it. 

Some things I am going to work on this week:

Getting my 10,000 steps every day

I know I need to eat more vegetables. So I am going to make a quiche for my lunches this week that is filled with veggies. I am also going to make sure my dinner has vegetables. My breakfast is a sweet potato so that’s covered. (I can’t quit the sweet potato breakfast.)

I am going to do an exercise video on at least two of the three days I don’t go to the gym. For real. And not just say it like last week. 😉

Continue drinking my 88 oz of water.
So, we will see how that works. I am not expecting anything this Monday at my weigh in. And I really want to lose my 50 by the end of the year, but that is not a good focus for me. I need to take it day by day and work on sustainable weight loss. It seems when I set a weight loss goal for myself I some how sabotage myself. 

Ok, onto other topics. Tonight is trick or treat. Henry is going to be Woody from Toy Story. I will definitely post pictures. I am interested to see how he does or if he is too scared of the other costumes.  

Last night Henry and I went to the football game for my school. They lost big time, but we had a great time. Henry did good until half time which is when I was ready to leave any way. 

We’ve been cheering for the Cleveland Indians in the World Series and it’s been fun!

Here’s some pics of my goofball. 

I hope everybody is having a great weekend! 


Beth WA

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