How it’s different this time. 

I sit here writing this blog entry after a weekend of lots of binges and lots of crappy food, but lots of fun.  I want to explain how it’s different than any other time I’ve tried to lose weight. I started this journey on January 11th. And I’ve had periods of great weight loss and periods of weight gain. The difference this time is I am not giving up. I am trying different things, learning about myself and how I can lose weight in a real sustainable way. That is why it’s taking so long, I know. So, as I sit here after such a crappy eating weekend I am determined to do better tomorrow. In the past I would’ve described it as starting over tomorrow. But, that’s not what it is. It is just continuing, and working hard to meet my goals. 

Some changes I am making:

1. I am not focusing on the 50 lb goal by the end of the year. That is looming over me and I think it is sabotaging me. 

2. I am going to switch to weighing in once a month and taking measurements. I will do this the first day of the month. I am too obsessed with the scale and it rules my mood. I am also going to switch to my scale instead of the gym scale. I only have weigh ins at the gym through the end of the year, anyway. I am going to weigh in at the gym next week and the beginning and end of December. This was decided with the help of my BFF Liz who is kicking ass currently on her journey. 

3. I have wavered between using my exercise calories and not using them. I am going to stick with not using them. 

4. I am still going to try to hit my macros although for the next few months while I get adjusted to it I am going to make sure that even if I don’t hit my macros I am under calories. 

5. I am going to continue doing workouts at home on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Not this week, but next, I am going to try to do this in the morning. 😳 Maybe. 

6. I am going to work hard to eat more fruits and vegetables and hitting my goal of 160 g of protein.  

So, that’s what’s happening with the journey to health and fitness. Onto other things…

This weekend was super fun. Friday night I took Henry to my school’s (my alma mater is also where I work) football game. They were recognizing two men that are legends at our school. One retired last year after 40 years and one is my boss this year and has been at the school for 41 years. I love them both dearly. 

Saturday I got my hair done in the morning, and then took a nap! Then we had trick or treat, cocktails and pizza at my house with my parents. It was a perfect night capped off with the Indians winning their third win of the World Series. 

Henry was Woody from the movie Toy Story. 

And today we went to my school’s Fall Festival. It was a great time for us! Henry had a blast. He is getting so much better in social situations.  

Well, I was gonna try to stay up to watch the World Series in case the Indians won but it’s not looking good.  


Beth WA

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1 Response to How it’s different this time. 

  1. Elizabeth Richardson says:

    I have had quite a few Almond Joys. Ugh.

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