Style Vs. Wearing what fits 

I’ve always loved clothes and fashion.  My particular style has always been the LL Bean/Lands End/J Crew/Gap look. I guess you could call it preppy, classic, with a dose of current trend here and there. However, you would never know that by the way I’ve dressed for the last several years. I’ve spent the last several years “wearing what fits” and what doesn’t make me look huge. And now that my body is changing I find myself needing new clothes and not even knowing where to start.

I ordered some shoes and boots this weekend that I like very much. I am thinking I can use those for a basis and go from there. Hopefully I like them on my feet as well as I liked them online. 

I am anxious to some day fit into regular sized clothing, and when that day happens, when there is now X in front of my size and no W after it, we will celebrate!!!

I am proud of myself for getting up for the second day I a row to workout before work. I did my 21 day fix video, it’s only half an hour and it was perfect. 

Off to make dinner! 


Beth WA 

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