I got on the scale. 


I got on the scale. And I was reminded of why I decided not to. But, it’s done, and I will move on. I’ve eaten so much in the last two days and then this morning I got my monthly visitorso it  made a whole lotta sense. And also it made sense as to why I was so freakin’ tired yesterday. Other than the last two days nutrition, my exercise and other things have been great. I caught up on a lot of work, I exercised every day but Wednesday in the morning!, and I think I figured out a little better what and how I need to eat so that I don’t eat all evening long! I am still tweaking it but basically it’s packing a cooler full of small protein rich snacks and a lunch to eat while I am at school. 

Today I am going to the gym at 9 for my first personal training session ever in my life. I won 3 sessions in a raffle. I am a little nervous.  Then I am going to help my friend Amy with her first Body Pump class. Then I am going to do the low impact aerobics class I love a lot, unless I am dead at that point. Ha ha! 

Craig is taking Henry to his parents house. So I am going to get the house in order from the week, and make a grocery list and meal plan. Not sure I’ll get to grocery but I am hopeful. 

What is everybody else up to this weekend?

These are from last night. Henry was eating pizza and ready to pass out from exhaustion. 


Beth WA

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2 Responses to I got on the scale. 

  1. Angie Lawrence says:

    I can’t write everything we have going on. But we got a new house same neighborhood. Crazy it maybe 30 feet away from where we live now. Sold our we have to be out Jan. 16. Rusty wants to be in new house by Christmas ??. He taking out closet ,walls I can’t think anymore I getting a headache ?? over it all. I send you some photos. Love Ya

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